20 Countries In The World Where Prostitution Is Legal

Prostitution Legal Countriesvia

16. Germany

Prostitution is legal in Germany. Sexual services are strictly regulated here under the law.


17. Greece

Similar to Germany, Greece has made prostitution as a legal job. The workers receive equal rights. Although they have to go for health checkups regularly.


18. Netherlands

Prostitution Legal Countries

The Netherlands is one such places where all type of sex work and prostitution is allowed. They are shattering the taboos that exist in the entire world.


19. Indonesia

In Indonesia, prostitution does not exist in their law. However, it is valid to say that the sex trade is legal. It implies a hazardous environment for forced minors and workers.


20. New Zealand

New Zealand has made prostitution legal work since the year 2003. In New Zealand, under the control of public health and employment laws, licensed brothels functions, It implies that prostitutes get similar benefits as the employees working get.


What About India?

The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 doesn’t criminalize prostitution or prostitutes. Prostitution is legal but pimping, owning, and managing a brothel is illegal. Major cities in India where brothels like Sonagachi, GB Road, Kamathipura, etc. are operating illegally.

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