20 Countries In The World Where Prostitution Is Legal

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Prostitution is always looked down on. In many countries prostitution is illegal, and some countries consider it legal. Prostitution is the practice of engaging in relatively indiscriminate s*xual activities. In general, s*xual activities with a person who is not a friend or spouse, in exchange for immediate payment of money or anything valuable. Some countries provide social security to sex workers and treat them equally. Here is the list of 20 countries in the world where prostitution is legal.


1. Argentina

In Argentina, it is illegal to operate a brothel. Selling sex is illegal within 500 meters of school, church, and residence. Buying sex is not illegal.


2. Australia

Prostitution is limitedly legal. The law varies depending on the state from decriminalized to legally regulate to criminal.


3. Austria

Prostitution Legal Countries

In Austria, commercial sex work is legal. It is strictly regulated. You must be 19 years old. Still, there are many cases of forced prostitution and smuggling.


4. Bangladesh

A woman sex worker is often looked at as a criminal. Male prostitution is not allowed here. Penal Code does not criminalize sex. Child smuggling still exists in the country.


5. Belgium

Prostitution and the purchase of sexual service is not a punishable offense here. Criminal law prohibits Procuring, aggravated pimping, and all forms of advertisement for the purpose of prostitution.

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