Top Countries That Provide Fast And Affordable Internet In The World

Affordable Internetvia

13. Russia – $0.9/GB


Beeline and Rostelecom offer internet at affordable rates so that it can be availed by one and all.


14. India – $0.2/GB


India known for its richest history offers the cheapest internet services in the world. Credit goes to Jio which made communication a cake walk. Before Jio, the average price per GB used to be Rs.250, but now, the prices have dropped by a huge margin that it is Rs 3/GB.

Both in terms of speed and accessibility, India is doing great in the telecom industry. Jio offers the fastest and the affordable qualitative network which can be availed by everyone.

Thanks to Mukesh Ambani for Jio. And I hope Indian youth who are planning to get settled in other countries will rethink once and drive inspiration from him and offer good services to the motherland.

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Pavani Bharathula
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