Top Countries That Provide Fast And Affordable Internet In The World

Affordable Internetvia

9. Brazil – $3.5/GB


The largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world, Brazil is famous for its football (soccer) tradition. Some of the Internet service providers in Brazil which provide the cheapest Internet rates are  Algar Telecom, TIM Brasil.


10. Nigeria – $2.2/GB


Widely known for its petroleum production and exportation, Nigeria has services like IPNX Nigeria, Smile Communications, which have made the accessibility easy.


11. Pakistan – $1.8/GB


The country with the only fertile desert in the world, Pakistan has some of the best and the cheapest internet service providers like Wi-tribe Unlimited, PTCL Charji EVO Cloud.


12. Malaysia – $1.1/GB


The country which has many famous landmarks, Malaysia has internet providers like TIME and YES.

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