Top Countries That Provide Fast And Affordable Internet In The World

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Some things became part of our daily lives. In olden days, people craved only for food, shelter, and clothes. But now in this digital world, everything got changed drastically.

Smartphone, laptop, car, AC, Refrigerator, smart TVs and mainly “Internet” became part of our daily lives. It would not be wrong if I say that today people give more importance to have the above-mentioned things than clothes and shelter.

Not just kids, youth, even the elder people spend much amount of time on smartphones and laptops. And if the Internet is not there one second, they feel as if their breath got stopped.

Even for job holders, right from govt. employees to private employees, everyone needs the Internet.

As the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, its price also has been slashed. Today we would like to bring out the Internet rates in various countries and you will be surprised at which position India stands.


1. Switzerland – $20.2/GB


Located in Western and Central Europe, Switzerland is a small country. Cablecom, DFI are some of the major internet providers of Switzerland which is a birthplace of successful products.


2. South Korea – $15.1/GB


One of the digital countries in the World, South Korea is famous for its use of Technology, And Internet provider Korea Telecom stands out as the best internet service provider in South Korea.


3. US – $12.3/GB


The US which is the world’s most dominant economic and military power country has slightly higher Internet rates than the other country and the famous service providers are Charter Spectrum, Frontier Low-Cost Equipment.


4. Canada – $12/GB


Widely known for Hockey and cold winters, Canada has GTA Telecom, VMedia to make the internet fast and easily accessible to everyone.

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