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Key Characteristics of the Indian Healthcare System: Are You Covered When it Matters?

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If you are fortunate enough to enjoy a long run of good health and avoid having an accident you might not need to call upon the services of the Indian healthcare system, however, you will want to know they are there to give you the treatment and support you need when the time comes.

If you discover that you don’t have the sort of coverage you were expecting you will soon be wishing that you had already made contact with the best medical insurance company in India to get the treatment you need.

Having the best critical illness cover gives you a certain peace of mind and the question is does the Indian healthcare system offer the same levels of reassurance?


Where You Live Makes A Difference

Indian healthcare system

Although the healthcare system is constantly undergoing transformational changes and upgrades there is still a discernable difference between the quality and availability of healthcare facilities and treatment between rural and urban areas of the country.

When you consider that a dominant percentage of the population lives in rural areas that means that a disproportionate amount of people may suffer from limited access to hospitals and treatments.


Paying For Treatment

Indian healthcare system

It is estimated that less than 10% of the population currently has insurance policies although that number is increasing at a rapid rate.

Out-of-pocket expenditure is currently too high with patients having to pay on the spot for their treatments, but the growth of the health insurance market is helping to redress that balance.


Demographics Forcing Change

Indian healthcare system

The general profile of the Indian population is one where there is a growing number of older people and a significant rise in the number of people classed as middle class.

That demographic combination is fueling a growth in the availability of pharmaceutical options, which is being encouraged by the government through direct investment incentives.


A Need To Deal With The Basics

Indian healthcare system

Indian is still trying to face up to an obvious need to improve treatment options when it comes to issues that have the potential to affect large numbers of the population such as dealing with malaria, outbreaks of diarrhea, and tuberculosis.

The healthcare system is estimated to spend roughly a third of its budget on primary health concerns, and that is much lower than other countries of comparable size.


A Lack Of Medical Devices

Indian healthcare system

Finally, it is also highly relevant to point out that the Indian healthcare system is still playing catchup when it comes to the medical devices sector.

The government has played its part in easing regulatory controls and that means an increasing number of medical devices are being introduced into the healthcare system.

When you look at some of the obvious inadequacies and imbalances that exist in the Indian healthcare system it is not really a surprise to learn that the health insurance marketplace is enjoying a period of rapid growth. An added point to consider, in light of recent events, is that all Max Bupa indemnity plans cover hospitalization for Covid-19.

Based on what you know now, do you think the Indian healthcare system will give you the cover you need when you need it?

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