People Are Sharing Hilarious Memes On What They See In Lockdown, As Pollution Reduces

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India is currently in lockdown for 21 days due to coronavirus pandemic. People are advised not to come out of their homes. Day by day the cases of coronavirus are increasing and things are worrying. India has around 6000 people tested positive for coronavirus. Due to this lockdown, except for essential services, rest all things are closed. Many people are working from home, while many have not much to do in lockdown. Lockdown will severely impact the economics, but the life of the people is most important and the decision of the government is appreciated. People are staying in their homes because of which pollution has reduced drastically and the air quality has been improved in various cities of India.

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Recently, the residents of Jalandhar have shared the beautiful view of the Dhauladhar mountain range from their rooftop. The snow-capped mountains range from the Himalayan mountain range in Himachal Pradesh is visible from the naked eyes. It is approximately 200 km from Jalandhar, as the pollution is down and the level of toxic emissions is reduced, it became visible. Check out the tweet below.

Even many metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi have reported the low pollution levels. Humans are inside the homes and animals are roaming freely outside. Many people have sarcastically started uploading morphed photos and started sharing photos in their social media about what they see from their homes during the lockdown. The photos are hilarious. Check them out.













Well, these were hilarious. People are finding creative ways to have some fun and pass this crucial time of coronavirus pandemic. A few days back twitteratis have shared some hilarious memes on Narendra Modi’s request of lightening the lamps on April 5th. This coronavirus is dangerous, follow the instructions of the government, stay home, take precautions from coronavirus, and use this time to learn various skills during the quarantine.

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