This Car Flies Into Second Floor Of Building And The Video Amazes You

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Wanna see Ron Weasley’s flying car in real? Then you should see the video in Twitter reactions. In a bizarre incident, a speeding car soared into the sky and rammed into the second floor of a building which is the wall of a dentist office in Orange County, California.

Good news is that no life was lost in the process. It happened around 5.25 am on Sunday near the intersection of French and 17th streets in Santa Ana, the Santa Ana Police Department.

A witness also said that while the driver managed to get out, he was dangling out of the vehicle until the cops could catch him. It has also been reported that the driver was under the influence of drugs rushed to a hospital along with a passenger.

However, twitteratis compared the speeding car to Ron Weasley’s flying car from the Harry Potter series; and some took a dig at Salman Khan with the lyrics of the song, Oonchi Hai Building.

Here are the some hilarious Twitter reactions.

1. A Speeding Car

2. The Flying Car

3. Salman Khan Hit And Run

4. Flying Car Mode Activated

5. In Flying Car!! Hahaha

6. Not every day you can see.

Now, can we know your hilarious reaction towards this? Share us in the comments. 7 famous celebrities who bought the costliest cars.

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