Asalpha Slum: A Mumbai Village Which Is Now As Colorful As An Italian Village

Asalpha Slum in mumbai gets a huge change over.via

Slum dwellings have become an integral part of the Mumbai city’s landscape. However, a few youngsters have taken an initiative along with a few corporates and are determined to change the way they look. They have taken up a powerful weapon called – Paint! And this was initiative was implemented in Asalpha Slum of Mumbai.

Asalpha Slum Painting crew member

“Chal Rang De” is the name of the movement and its first of its kind and it is a colourful initiative for a greater good of the maximum parts of the city. The slum houses are getting great exteriors and look happy and vibrant with the change. Supported by FruitBowl Digital and in association with Mumbai Metro One, Snowcem Paints and Co. Lab. Oratory Asia, the initiative is the brainchild of Dedeepya Reddy.  The team has succeeded in painting Asalpha Slum in Ghatkopar with lively and beautiful colours.

Asalpha Slum Painted With Multiple Colors

While asked about her motive behind this initiative to colour Asalpha Slum, she wrote, “Color the community, colour the hill, colour the entire area. Color has the power to create change. Some would say what difference can a colour make? I believe it gives them a sense of joy, an identity, and hope that things are going to be okay. Small changes together can make a huge impact.”

Painting Crew Asalpha Slum

Reportedly, the team took three days and the help of 400 people to colour the village. Not just that, quite a few residents were apprehensive about the campaign itself, questioning why a bunch of youngsters would want to paint their house walls.

Colourful Stairway Asalpha Slum

But the team had managed to convince the villagers and were granted permission and painted around 120 houses in the village. One of the elderly citizens even later approached Reddy to thank her for “turning the slum into a beautiful masterpiece”.

Wall Art Asalpha Slum

#ChalRangDeHundreds of Mumbaikars have turned up to colorize the slums at asalpha!MumbaiMetro is proud to be associated with the amazing initiative towards making the city more beautiful#MumbaiMetro

Posted by Mumbai Metro on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Reportedly planning to engage professional artists and painters for the next phase of the campaign, anyone with a paintbrush and the right amount of zest can participate in the initiative. Similarly, the Telangana government has placed a rule for a change stating whoever helps a beggar will be issued a reward.

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