A Paul Walker Fan Died In A Car Accident, A “Speed Kills” Related Quote Was Written On His Car

His Friends Used To Call Him Speed

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A lot of time people seek inspiration from the movies. However, they forget that there is no retake in the life. A young man of Jalana, Uttarakhand was inspired by the movie series Fast And Furious and the reckless driving led him to a car accident and eventually took his life.


Bobby Raut Lost His Life To Speed

Car Accident

The name of the young man was Bobby Raut and his friends used to call him speed as he is known for fast driving.  Moreover, he adulated Paul Walker who played a key character in the “Fast And Furious” franchise. We all know that Paul Walker died in a car accident and eventually a quote was attributed to him. The quote spelled out “If One day the Speed Kills Me, Don’t Cry because I was smiling”. Bobby also got the quote written on the back of his car and surprisingly the speed took his life.


He Was Fond Of Sports Cars

Car Accident

Bobby Raut was fond of the sports cars. On the previous Sunday night, along with his two friends (Govind Dayma and Nikhil Sethi), he was going to buy a new sports car from Aurangabad. He was over speeding, unfortunately, the car lost control and went crashing down the divider straight under a truck which was coming from Aurangabad.


The Car Was Totaled

Car Accident

The car was totaled and caused a serious damage. Knowing about the accident, the police reached the spot and took the injured boys to the nearby hospital. However, Bobby and Govind could not make it to the hospital while Nikhil is still in a critical situation.

We should not drive fast; we should drive safe to avoid accidents. Moreover, that quote is not an excuse for reckless driving. May the souls of the young men, rest in peace. What do say about this accident? Share in the comments.

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