Did You Know These Trick You Could Do With Your Smartphone Camera?

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Smartphones are full of surprises but, this little trick here will surprise you the best. What if you could click a picture of any gadget and find all the information related to it on your phone screen? Seems like something we see in movies right? But your phone could also do that. Whenever you will click a picture of a gadget it will thoroughly scan it and then you will have access to all the information related to it on your phone. How? ‘CamFind’ helps you with it.

Well if you are also a Gadget freak then all you need to do is install a little app from the play store called “CamFind” for free. Through this app, you can have access to the information related to that gadget. This app will also give you a thorough analysis of its price, pros, and cons.

Let’s learn step by step on how to use “CamFind”:


1. Look For It On Google Play Store

CamFind App

Open your Google Play store and type ‘Cam Find ‘ in the search bar. Go for the topmost result and then download the app for free. Once it is installed it plays an automatic tutorial that explains how to use this app. If you want to watch the tutorial, you can and if not, you have the option to skip it.


2. Give Necessary Permissions

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Next, the app will ask the users to use certain features of your phone like, location and camera. Allow those permissions and the app will be ready to use. Open up the CamFind camera and click the picture of the gadget that you want to search.


3. Just A Quick Scan And It’s Done!

Camera App

Now the app will be scanning the picture and once it’s done, you can have access to all the information related to this Gadget on your phone screen. You can also access the Google related to that Gadget which will show you the market price of this Gadget, Availability and also where you can buy it. The best part about this app is that it is ad-free, fast and all the information that is shown to you is authentic. It is available on Google play store for free and is really useful for people who love Gadgets.

So, this was the process how to use this amazing App on your smartphones. Also, we all know how quickly the batteries of our phones die. Click here to know some hacks to improve your smartphone battery life.