China Bags The Name For Having The World’s Longest Sea Bridge – Check It Out!

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The multi-billionaire sea bridge construction is set to connect three economic regions, Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China. The bridge was under construction for 9 years. The World’s Longest Sea Bridge is finally going to be open for public.


World’s Longest Sea Bridge

Longest Sea Bridge

China has bagged its name for having the world’s longest sea bridge in the country which has been under construction for nine years. Now that the bridge is ready to open its gates it has invited foreign reporters to examine and publicize the bridge.

  • This Bridge is named as Gao Xinglin.
  • It has been built over the sea which connects Macau Hong Kong and Mainland China.
  • This bridge is 55km long and has cut short the time of traveling to these three places by half.
  • The construction of this Bridge took four lakh 20 thousand of steel which equals to building 60 Eiffel Towers.
  • This Bridge has been under construction for 9 years which took experts from places like the UK, US, and Denmark.
  • The Bridge is six lanes wide which features four tunnels and four artificial islands.


Opening Date Yet To Be Announced

Longest Sea Bridge

The opening date of this bridge is yet to be announced but for now China is making headlines by constructing the longest sea bridge in the world. According to the critics this bridge could cause fatal road and bridge accidents. They are also criticising China for spending tons of money on this bridge. Song Ruan, the deputy commissioner of China Foreign Affairs says “We’re hoping that the friends from press can take this as an opportunity to see the new accomplishment of China in the new era and fresh progress of ‘One Country, Two System’ Agreement”.


One Country Two System

Longest Sea Bridge

‘One Country Two System’ is an agreement between China and Hong Kong which was signed in 1997 when Hong-Kong a former British colony returned back to China. This agreement is aimed at supporting Hong-Kong to have it’s own liberty and a separate system of law and order.

China is aiming at building a strong transportation system between Hong-Kong and China but the critics say that it’s an attempt to diminish the freedom of Hong Kong by blurring the borders. The main criticism of this transportation system is that China wants to allow an easy immigration of Chinese people in the central of Hong Kong and not just at Borders. This looks like a way to undermine the authenticity and autonomy of ‘One Country, Two System’ agreement.

Although this does looks like an attempt to show the people of Hong Kong that they are only a part of Mainland China. But if we look at the bigger picture, this surely is a way to connect three major countries. These countries are Macau,  Hong Kong, and China.


High Traffic Expected

Longest Sea Bridge

The experts are estimating over 40,000 vehicles every day on this bridge. China is working on introducing a shuttle bus service. It will run every 10 minutes making the travel easier for civilians. Alongside the sea bridge project in China, a high-speed rail link is also being constructed between the three places to make the transportation easier.

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