Check Out How Much One Episode Of Your Favorite TV Show Costs – #3 Will Blow Your Mind

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We all are addicted to TV shows or series like Bigg Boss, Game of Thrones, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and many more. All these shows that we love watching over and overspend a hell lot of money in the making of every episode. Have you ever wondered the cost of making one episode of these shows? It’ll definitely leave you stunned! So, check out the money producers spent in making one episode of your favorite TV shows.


1. Game Of Thrones

Cost of one episode

This awesome American HBO show is considered to be one of the most expensive TV shows in the history. The fantasy and drama genre that leaves all its spectators wanting for more with its every episode has a lot of money put into its making. One episode of this show costs around $8,000,000 or Rs. 52,96,84,000. Yes, that is huge and the cost only increases every season.


2. Breaking Bad

Cost of One episode

This great show which makes its audience venture into a different world of crime and drama is liked by a lot of teens as it offers something different and engaging. However, the money spent on making its episode is sky-high! The producers of this high-rated show also broke bad and spent $3,000,000 or Rs 19,21,36,500 on one episode of the show!


3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Cost of One episode

One of the most-watched TV series, this show’s story revolves around the lives of 6 thick friends. Their bonding and life story in the course of the show leaves the person watching it in tears and laughter! Definitely, a kind of show people like watching over and over has a lot of money spent in its making. Even after a decade of going off-air, the producers and actors of this amazing show still earn through copyright. The final 10th season of this show was the most expensive with each episode costing $10,000,000 i.e Rs 64,045,5000.


4. Orange Is The New Black

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The American show portrays the life of a girl (in an orange attire) in an all-girls’ prison; the show is filled with entertaining incidents of the lives of people in the prison and hence got quite a lot of people hooked onto it.  This Netflix sitcom is a hit with the production cost of each episode equals to $3,769,000 i.e, Rs. 24,13,87,489.


5. House Of Cards

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This Netflix political drama show filled with thrilling twists in every new episode keeps its audience engaged and wanting to know more after each of its episodes! The show is highly liked by a large crowd as it is an exciting feeling to be able to view a dark side of the political world in the form of a drama. However, the show’s producer spends $4,615,000 i.e, Rs. 29,55,69,982 per episode for it!