Here Are The Best Smartphone Tricks, Tips, And Hacks Of All Time


5. Personal Hotspot

Smartphone Tricks Personal Hotspot

You needn’t purchase a different 3G modem or a switch to utilize the Internet on various gadgets in light of the fact that your cell phone can do this effectively. Go to Settings – > Tethering and compact hotspot, and turn on Portable WLAN hotspot. That is it!


6. Whatsapp For Image Compression

Smartphone Tricks Whatsapp For Image Compression

Most of you are most likely not confronted the issue of transferring a major size picture on the web. You use WhatsApp day by day, however, did you know there is an inbuilt picture pressure calculation in WhatsApp servers. At whatever point you send a photograph to any companion, the picture pressure apparatus diminishes its size. This is an awesome hack by which you will have the capacity to limit the extent of the picture and without losing its quality.


7. Would Airplane Mode Charge Your Phone Faster

Would Airplane Mode Charge Your Phone Faster Smartphone Tricks

Yes, Definitely, it does charge faster. Whenever I put my phone on charging airplane mode charge my phone faster.

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8. Use WhatsApp As A Notepad

Smartphone Tricks Use WhatsApp As A Notepad

You can utilize WhatsApp as Notepad. It is a fundamental hack one can use to spare writings, pictures, and recordings on WhatsApp. Take after these means to make a scratch pad for yourself on WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Make a group and name it as “Scratchpad”.
  • Add a WhatsApp member to this group. This member can be anybody from your companions or family.
  • After you have added the member to this group, you have to delete him back.
  • Presently, you’re the main member of the “Notebook” gathering.
  • You would now be able to utilize “Scratchpad” to spare vital messages, pictures, and recordings.

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