Here Are The Best Smartphone Tricks, Tips, And Hacks Of All Time


9. Use Smartphone Camera To Detect Infrared Light

Smartphone Tricks Use Smartphone Camera To Detect Infrared Light

Human eyes aren’t equipped for seeing Infrared Red beams yet our cell phones can do so. We can without much of a stretch check whether your remote battery has depleted or not. You should simply to open the camera in your telephones and place it over the remote IR knob. By squeezing the remote catch, check whether the knob gleams on your cell phone’s screen. On the off chance that the globule doesn’t shine, at that point, it implies the batteries of the remote are dead. In the event that the globule shines, you are ready.


10. The Monitor Your State Of Mind With An Android Application

Smartphone Tricks Monitor Your State Of Mind With Mood Watch

Imagine a scenario where there was a snappy and exact approach to examine yourself, rationally, candidly and physically, three times each day. Imagine a scenario where you could likewise have a suggestion to take your vitamins and medicines. What’s more, imagine a scenario where you could precisely diagram the greater part of this data – including how you feel, how you’ve been resting, ruminating — to survey for your own comprehension, or with your specialist or advisor. This may enable you to begin to pull your coexistence. Presently you can, and all with one simple application: Mood Watch.

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11. Use Black Wallpaper To Save Battery

Use Black Wallpaper To Save Battery Smartphone Tricks

A great many people know the show is a standout amongst the most eager for battery components of any cell phone, however, what they don’t know is that the backdrop they pick – yes, backdrop – can have a critical effect to battery life. An unadulterated dark or by and large dim shaded backdrop or foundation can really spare control over a lighter one. It just relies on the kind of screen you have.


12. Enable Developer Options On Your Device.

Tips Enable Developer Options On Smartphone

Look for the Developer options in the Settings menu and enable them. If you don’t see a Developer options entry in the menu, head to the About device area and tap on the Build number until you see a message saying that they have been enabled.

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