Here Are The Best Smartphone Tricks, Tips, And Hacks Of All Time


17. Convert Your Phone’s Camera Into A Microscope

Tips Convert Your Mobile's Camera Into A Microscope

Have you heard any tips saying your Smartphone’s camera is equipped for catching extraordinary close shots? Well, You needn’t bother with any extra accomplices to increment zooming limit of your Smartphone. A water bead will do all the work for you. Tenderly place water bead on your camera focal point and begin to click infinitesimal shots with it.


18. Fix Screen Scratches By Toothpaste

Smartphone Tips Fix Screen Scratches By Toothpaste

Toothpaste can mystically expel scratches from your cell phone’s screen is actually one of the few most necessary tips for phone maintenance. In any case, you have to utilize the real toothpaste, not the gel-based toothpaste. Here is the manner by which this strategy works:

  • Touch a little measure of toothpaste onto the finish of a cotton swab or perfect, delicate material.
  • Delicately rub the cotton swab or fabric in round movements on the screen until the point when you see the scratch leave.
  • After this, wipe your screen with a somewhat hosed fabric to evacuate any overabundance toothpaste.


19. Check Distance Of An Object Using Your Phone’s Camera

Tips Check Distance Of An Object Using Your Smartphone's Camera

Presently you can check the separation amongst you and a protest by utilizing your telephone’s camera. There is an application called as “Savvy MEASURE” which utilizes trigonometric capacities to decide the separation amongst you and the protest.


20. Purchase A Multi-Charge Cable From Amazon

Smartphone Tricks Purchase A Multi-Charge Cable From Amazon

On the off chance that you are voyaging and you and your relatives have distinctive kinds of versatile chargers so you should complete a migraine by obtaining a multi-charger. Presently you simply need to convey a solitary charger with the assistance of which you can charge every one of your telephones. You can purchase 5 of every 1 charging link which is by all accounts the best answer for the greater part of the cell phones.

Well, There you go, Those were some prominent Life Hacks and Tips that can be done with a smartphone. Neat huh? Well, not only smartphones but nowadays everything requires advertisements. Here are some amazing ads which change the market.

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