Bengaluru Couple Commits Suicide And The Reason Why Will Shock You

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After seeing some couples, one question constantly pops up in my mind. Why they get married if they don’t know their purpose of getting married? These days, people don’t know why they get married, the meaning of rituals happen in marriage. And they will be ready to produce children. When they themselves don’t have clarity for their marriage, I doubt what kind of ethics they teach to their kids. Recently, I visited one of our distant relatives home. Surprisingly, the kid was busy with a smartphone and her grandfather who sat next to her was also busy playing games on his smartphone.



When I asked them, why are you giving a smartphone to kids? I got a shocking reply. The kid parents said, we are busy with our office work and the kid wants our attention every time. It is not possible for us to spend time with her. So, if we give phone, she won’t disturb us. I was like…whaaat!


Bengaluru Couple

If you can’t spend time with your kids, then whats the point in bringing them to this world? As a parent, you are destroying your kid childhood. When that kid turns back and sees his/her life after 20 years, then that kid will have the only smartphone with him/her. No childhood memories.

These days even elder people also getting addicted to phones. People spend a lot much time on social media especially Facebook and WhatsApp. The days have changed to such extent that family members are sitting together to watch TV serials! Come one, there is really more fun outside.



Social media and TV imparts more negativity to your brain and cultivates ugly thoughts. It went to such an extent, that a 23-year-old woman and her 28-year-old husband committed suicide after they fought over the former’s alleged Facebook addiction in their north Bengaluru residence, even as their two-year-old son sat in the hall. Yes. You read it right. The 28-year-old Anoop working as a deputy manager with a poultry food manufacturing unit in Peenya, and his wife Soumya Anoop, 23, a homemaker, were found hanging from the ceiling in two separate rooms.



Too much of interaction on social media dominate your real life. It will open the gates for misunderstandings and conflict. In our childhood, our parents warned us several times that we should not talk with strangers. Seems today parents itself are busy enjoying with online friends. Most of the crime rates are increasing day by day because of online friendships. The over addiction to Facebook is an example of what can go horribly wrong when online friends take precedence over families. The couple’s death is tragic, and the bigger tragedy is that they leave behind an orphan.


This Is What Happened


For the past one and a half years, the couple from Somawarpet in Kodagu district has been living at Ramaiah Layout near Bagalgunte, off Tumakuru Road. Anoop was upset over his wife Soumya spending long hours on Facebook and warned her several times against doing so.

The couple had a verbal altercation over the matter on Sunday night too. Vexed about her wife behavior, Anoop called Soumya’s brother Ravi Chandra in Somawarpet at 11.30pm and asked him to take his sister to her home as he was not interested to live with her. Ravi Chandra convinced Anoop that he would talk to Soumya and requested him not to exacerbate the matter until he visited Bengaluru and spoke to her. Meanwhile, Soumya also called her brother around 7.30am on Monday and discussed her clash with Anoop. She requested him to come to Bengaluru.



Ravi Chandra promised her that he would be in the city at the earliest and left for the city. Ravi Chandra reached his sister’s residence around 1.30pm, but none opened the door.


Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction

He immediately informed the police. Cops broke the door and found couple’s two-year-old son Hardik sitting in the hall. They found Soumya hanging from the ceiling fan in one room and Anoop in another room.

Based on the complaint by Ravichandra, Bagalagunte police have registered a case of unnatural death. The bodies were handed over to family members after postmortem.

“We’ve recorded the statements of the couple’s neighbors and house owner Lakshmi Devi who lives in the same building. She said she heard the couple arguing on Sunday night. The clash over Facebook could be the main reason for the incident,” a police officer said.

Is this the price we pay for addiction to social media? If you strongly feel that you can take care of your kid, then only produce children. Otherwise, don’t bring them to this world and spoil their future. Seems, the happiness ended with 1990 born kids. After this, phone era came and spoiled the real fun. What is your reaction to this incident? Even after knowing about social media disasters, why parents still give phones to their children? Share us in the comments. This is not the first time, the similar incident took place in Gurugram. Read here.

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