Husband Kills Wife As She Was Addicted To Social Media

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This weird incident took place in Gurugram where a man got fed up with his wife for being always busy on Social Networking Sites that he strangled her to death.

Husband Killed Her Wife

Social Media Addiction

Police arrested the man next day when he was found sitting beside the dead body of his wife. Hariom the accused husband says he had to send his kids to boarding school because his wife was ignorant of the kids. She neglected all her duties as a wife and a mother. She spent days and nights on her phone. On Thursday they had a fight regarding this issue and Hariom was so enraged with the matter that when his wife went to sleep he strangled her in her sleep.


Addicted To Social Media

Social Media Addiction

Lakshmi’s addiction to social media was so bad that she didn’t cook meals, she never did any household chores, never sat with her family. She used to spend hours on social media. Whenever her husband asked her to show her Social Media profile she wouldn’t let him see. Hariom suspected that his wife was having an affair online.

Hariom who was 35-year-old used to run a Computer repair shop in IMT Manesar. He was arrested and produced in the court, which sent him to two days remand. He’s charged with IPC Section 302 for Murder.

Social Media Addiction

They both got married in 2006 and had two kids. Things were fine initially, then Hariom got his wife a smartphone. “She completely changed after that. She ignored me and the kids. It was like we didn’t exist for her. She never helped our children with homework, neither she cooked for us. I had to send my kids to boarding school. I thought she will get bored soon but her addiction just got worse with time.” Says Hariom the accused.

For now, Hariom is in judicial custody and his father-in-law has charged him with Murder.

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