Social Media Handle By Mumbai Police On Drink And Type Wins Your Heart

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Not only people, but the government also raising campaigns to bring change in the mindset of the people. I usually hear people saying if government bans producing alcohol, cigarettes then no one buys. But wait, if you don’t buy then they will get losses and stop production. But we don’t accept because it is so easy to put faults on others rather than accepting our own fault.

As long as people will possess this kind of mindset, no change will happen. We don’t want to change but we want government doing everything for a change in society.

Isn’t this a vulgar attitude?


You stop using plastic bags, you stop taking alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, you stop throwing dirt on the roads, you start wearing a helmet then automatically the business people who are making those plastics, alcohol have to close their business and we will see a clean India.

So the change must come from people, from YOU.

Mumbai police have won the hearts of the people with their intelligent messages on road safety and highlighted how accidents can happen anytime, even without drinking.

Sharing a photo of a typo, the cops remind us to keep our phones away while driving.

We all know texting while driving is dangerous. But how many of us sincerely not using phones while driving? More than your life, if texting a message on WhatsApp or updating your Facebook status is important then you are the responsible person for your life. Isn’t it?

With a goof-up tweet, the cops wrote, “Accedints happn evne whn u dirnk n tpye! (Accidents happen even when you drink n-type!) #DontDrinkAndDrive.”

And this is quirky message on drunk driving and texting.

Urging people to stay away from drugs, the social media team shared the famous Simpson meme of Homer disappearing into the bushes. And the police want you to walk away or disappear when someone approaches you to buy or take drugs.

The change must come from your side not from government. When you throw dirt on roads then you don’t have right to raise your voice on Swachh Bharat, When you are taking alcohol, drugs, you don’t have right to talk about alcohol ban.

Why to post unnecessary photos on Internet and get trapped? Why to waste your precious time on Face book, whatsapp, watching movies and neglect studies and get zero domain knowledge but expect jobs?

Why to give bribe and talk about corruption? When you are living perfect balanced life then only you have right to raise voice against anything. How many of you are watching DD TV channel for news? How many of you are not watching other filthy news channels which spoil the minds?

Say no to drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Start watching only DD TV channel for news. Stop wasting your precious time on social media updating your status and uploading photos. Stop throwing dirt on roads. Stop using plastics. Change yourself and don’t generate income to government by using all those harmful products.

Do you? Share us in the comments. Mumbai police calendar 2018 displays stunning pics of how relentless they are in duty.

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