Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World To Watch Live Matches


6. Lynton and Lynmouth Cricket Stadium, England

Lynton and Lynmouth Cricket stadium

Though unknown for its matches and achievements, this countryside stadium in North Devon, England is popular for its breathtaking view. Situated in the valley of Rocks with the sea overlooking, the ground is an ideal place of beauty and grandeur of nature!


7. New Road ground, Worcester

New Road ground, Worcester cricket ground

The ground is surrounded by the Cathedral and the beautiful white antique buildings on all sides which gives a great view to the ground. Besides, the river flowing through the town and the scenic beauty makes the place all the more appealing!


8. Galle International Stadium, Sri Lanka

Galle International cricket stadium

Located in the midst of the Indian Ocean, the ground favoring spin bowling is indeed a beautiful ground. With the 16th-century Dutch port overlooking the stadium, this cricket ground stands as a fascination.


9. Dubai International Stadium, Dubai

Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

This unique and majestic stadium in Dubai is named ‘ Ring of Fire’. The unique feature of this stadium is the floodlight. The roof of the stadium has floodlights on its circumference and this illuminates the beauty of this stadium.


10. The Arnos Vale Stadium, The Caribbean

The Arnos Vale Cricket Stadium, The Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea borders this stadium at St. Vincent. Known as ‘The Playing Fields’, the stadium does not have floodlights and can be enjoyed only during the day. The exotic beauty of the Caribbean adds to the beauty of this stadium!

These beautiful grounds all around the world are indeed a boon to this sport’s lovers. The beauty of the sport is enhanced by the beautiful grounds, right? When speaking about cricket you cant forget about our Indian cricket team and it’s former and current captains who are rocking their careers. Some people speculate that they use special bats. Check out what makes Dhoni’s and Virat’s bats so special.

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