9 Reasons Why Batman Is The Greatest Superhero Of All Time


A fictional character but is still a source of inspiration. He is morally incorruptible and stands tall in so many aspects. Below are a few handpicked reasons which prove that Batman is the greatest superhero of all time.

1. A dark past

Batman - The Greatest Superhero

Batman’s parents were shot dead right in front of his eyes. His origin stories are tragic and dark. Being a witness to these events and the aftermath, deeply affected Bruce. He was haunted by the death of his parents. As a young child, he vowed that he would get rid of criminals in Gotham and defend the city, in honor of his parents. When he’s grew up, he travelled the world learning many forms of martial arts and fighting and returned to Gotham as a caped crusader.

2. Overcame his fear


He overcame his fear of bats. He was scared of bats ever since he was a child but later overcame his fear and used it as a symbol to denote him.

“It’s time my enemies share my dread”.


3. Follows his principles

Batman - The Greatest Superhero2

Batman strictly follow his principle – Never kill anyone. He believes that no one has the rights to end someone’s life. Even when many tried to convince him that killing the bad ones is the only way to stop them, he never gave up on his principle.

Ra’s Al Ghul: “Your compassion is a weakness your enemies will not share”

Batman: “That’s why it’s so important. It separates us from them”.

4. Never gave up


Batman has been backstabbed and let down so many times. His body and mind were tortured by his rivals but he always kept coming back. They could never force him to quit. His strong will and determination is something which we all can look up to and face our struggles.

5. A genius


Batman holds various degrees and is a master of stealth. He is considered to be one of the greatest detectives. He adapts and equips himself with weapons and tech which will help him defeat the rival at hand. His gadgets and vehicles are a total kickass.

6. Is not doing it for the praises


He is known as a “silent guardian, a watchful protector”. He does not seek fame or praises. He executes his plans secretly. He has endured numerous struggles and pain. In multiple occasions, his plans are executed so well that no one even has an idea that Batman was behind it.

7.  Beat Superman!


Superman is an alien from another planet with insane amount of superhuman strength and special abilities. Batman has no superpower and is just a well-trained human, equipped with gadgets and weapons. He defeated Superman by using Superman’s weakness- The Kryptonite. One does not simply defeat a god unless he is Batman.

8. Fights the most iconic villains of all time   


Batman faces a lot of iconic villains in his path. He defeats them all by using his intelligence. Most of the villains he faces are criminal psychopaths. They do their best to destroy Batman and inflict humungous amount of pain and impose many struggles for the Batman which he overcomes successfully.

9. Just another human


Batman has no superpowers. He uses his wit and intelligence to overcome his struggles. If Batman can, so can you!

Well, that’s a good few reasons why Batman is the greatest of all times. 


Comment your favorite reason below!

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