7 Depression Signs You Need To Look Out For


Depression is something which should be taken seriously and medical aid should be taken to avoid serious complications. It can change the person you are and have long term effects in your life. It can greatly affect you and the people around you. It changes the way you face and see life. Here are a few signs which indicate that you’re depressed.

1. You lose interest even in the things you used to love doing


All of a sudden, things which you loved doing make no sense to you. You just stop and feel like staring at empty walls and let go off everything. This is a major red flag you should look out for. You totally change and you feel incomplete. Doing things which made you happy earlier does not even matter to you right now.

2. You feel tired all the time

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You just want to stay at home with the lights dim in your couch or bed either doing nothing or something which takes zero effort. There is major difference between being lazy and depressed. Depression feels like you’re incomplete; hallow. Laziness is different. You feel exhausted and tired always even though you slept for so long.

3. Your sleep and appetite changes


This works in two ways. Sleep – You either sleep way more than you usually used to or you have a hard time sleeping at all. Likewise, you crave food or you’re not hungry at all. Even when mom makes your favorite food, you don’t feel hungry or you’re always munching on something. These are actual symptoms of depression. If this persists, do consider visiting a doctor.

4. You become aggressive and short-tempered

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Everything starts to annoy you. A friendly insult can enrage you. When someone complains or insults, you feel like hitting them with a chair. In the face. Multiple times. You always feel like throwing a couple of punches and starting a fight. You start breaking things and you feel tired when you become calm after your rage dies out. You lose yourself and hurt your friends and family either verbally or sometimes even worse, physically.

5. You become reckless and try abusing drugs


You stop caring about things and become reckless. You take up addictions. You are not conscious of your health anymore. You don’t worry about your looks or your body. You recklessly do things which others would do carefully. You become half a monster.

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6. You often find yourself full of suicidal thoughts

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You often think about doing it. Sometimes you even make attempts. This is something which should be taken very seriously and immediately looked into. Tell someone who might help or go visit a doctor and seek for help. Quitting is never an option. Everything is temporary. Time heals everything. Stay strong and seek professional help if you are thinking about it.

7. You keep thinking about that incident which made you this way


If you miss someone badly and that put you this way, try opening up to them that you feel so bad without them and ask them for help and sort things out. If it is not possible, endure the pain and wait for time to heal you. Time heals everything. Trust me, it’s going to be alright. If your reason for onset is some tragic incident, try your best to divert your mind and opening up to people who care. Try seeking expert’s help.

These are just a few signs of depression. If you feel that you are depressed, chances are that you really are. Consult a doctor, professional advice and help is always the best. Do not ignore things and take care of yourself. Stay strong and awesome! Remember, nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. This too shall pass.

Life is too short to be sad! 


NGO for Depression Help: AASRA

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