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If everyone could do a small amount of kind act towards fellow human beings and other creatures, then this world will be a better place to live in. Then there will be only peace and love. Mr Munnesa Managuli is one such kindhearted soul who helps others in distress. This selfless man from Karnataka provides free rides to pregnant women, women who have given birth recently, physically-disabled people, soldiers and Kannadigas living in border areas. He gets calls for help at any time. And he immediately rushes to the assistance of those who need it.

He plastered his contact details over his auto. The 42-year-old BA graduate faced unemployment and took up driving an auto around 11 years ago. Mr Munnesa is not the owner of the auto and has to pay Rs 250 everyday day to use the vehicle to ferry passengers. Apart from picking up passengers on a regular metered fare, he also rents out his services for a whole day for regular passengers. However, if he receives a call or gets flagged down by someone who is pregnant, or physically disabled, he ferries them to their destination free of charge.


Heartbreaking Story Behind This Selfless Act


Managuli said a heartbreaking story that happened in 1992 when asked about the inspiration behind his selfless act.  When he was in Narayanapura village in Basavanabagewadi taluk, Karnataka, he saw a pregnant woman dying as she did not get an ambulance or any other vehicle to visit the hospital at right time. This incident touched his heart and he decided to become an auto driver who would provide free services to such people.


He Has Given Free Service To Around 2000 People To Date

Since 2015, Munnesa has given free service to around 2000 people to date. He says that he drops people from hospitals to homes, bus stands or railway stations, according to their needs. He has taken up the responsibility of providing food, clothes, education etc for his sister-in-law and her four daughters after losing his brother. In order to give them a comfortable life, Munnesa didn’t get married and plans to remain so. Munnesa dreams of having his auto rickshaw one day.

He said, “I am providing this service for self-satisfaction and feel elated when people express their gratitude for the help received”.

In a world where people don’t bother about others, the people like Munnesa restore our faith in humanity. If every person does a kind act every day towards others, I am sure there will be only love in this world. It need not be a direct financial help always.


Be Kind And Compassionate

You can provide food to someone who is in hunger to at least one person in a month. Provide clothes to some school or college going students who can’t afford it. Or provide books to students who can’t afford to buy. Provide treatment to people who can’t afford proper treatment.

I accept the fact that everyone has their own financial problems. Say if someone is making 15k per month, then offering food to one person in a month that costs Rs.100 is enough. A small help we do towards other will definitely help us one day. After all, we humans are in this world to help each other.

Isn’t it so? What do you say? Share us in the comments. This is not the first time to witness this kind of selfless act.  This Coimbatore auto driver’s selfless actHyderabad auto driver’s random act of kindness and this honest driver who returned 80,000rs will prove that people in all walks of life can be good and morally strong and restores our faith in humanity.

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