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Day 3, FIFA 2018: Argentina And Iceland Draws, France and Denmark Wins

Day 3 FIFA 2018 World Cupvia

After Ronaldo’s awesome three goals yesterday, Day 3, FIFA 2018 was off for a good start. The matches held were France Vs Australia, Argentina Vs Iceland and Peru Vs Denmark. Here’s how the matches went down. Read their summaries below.


France Vs Australia

The game was held at Kazan Arena. The match was off a struggling start as neither of the teams scored till half time. The score was 0 – 0 at Half Time. But at the 58th minute, Antoine Griezmann heated things up as he scored the first goal for France. Australia was on the edge of the seat till Mile Jedinak scored one for Australia at the 62nd minute. The game went on intensely and at the 80th minute, Paul Pogba scored a goal for France making it 2 – 1. Despite a tough try by Australia to level up or beat the score, they failed short and France won the game with a score of 2 – 1.


Argentina Vs Iceland

The match was held at Spartak Stadium. This was the first encounter between Argentina and Iceland. Sergio Aguero, scored the first goal of the match at the 19th minute, giving Argentina the lead. Shortly after, Alfreo Finnbogason scored a goal for Iceland leveling the score as 1 – 1 at the 23rd minute. The score stayed the same at Halftime. It was not a good day for Messi fans as he missed a penalty kick, which had he scored would’ve been a game changer. The intense match ended as a draw with a 1 – 1 score.


Peru Vs Denmark

The match was held at Mordovia Arena. This match was also a first encounter between Peru and Denmark. Peru made multiple attempts to score but all in vain. They also missed a penalty kick. It was 0 – 0 at halftime. Yussuf Poulsen got it going at the 59th minute as he scored a goal for Denmark, giving his team the lead. Peru tried to level it out but their attempts were all in vain again. Denmark bagged the match.


In conclusion, That’s Day 3, FIFA 2018 summarized for you. What do you think about Day 3? Let us know your opinions in the comments below. Also, check out the distance covered by athletes in different sports in one average game. The numbers will surprise you.

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