Hyderabad Auto Driver’s Random Act Of Kindness Getting Appreciation Everywhere

Hyderabad Auto Driver


This world is not full of selfish and awful people. Sometimes the selflessness and humanity of other can surprise you. After reading this story, you will stay positive and it will also restores your faith in humanity.

Varijashree Venugopal surprised with the act of selflessness by her auto rickshaw driver, Baba and shared her overwhelming joy on Facebook.

Ms Venugopal who is a Bengaluru-based singer and flautist went to Hyderabad for a visa interview. She had to pay Rs. 5,000 towards the visa fees but had only about Rs. 2,000. She went to almost 15 ATM centres but all showed out of cash.

"We visited about 10 to 15 ATM centres, without any luck. Seemed like there was a strange problem with all ATMs in Hyderabad. I even requested a few stores with ATM machines, if they could swipe my card and give me cash, but in vain," she writes.

Baba, her auto rickshaw driver sensed her helplessness and offered 3000 rs/- out of his savings and said 'Madam aap isko use karlo aur baad mein hotel ke paas vapas kardo, koi baat nahin'.

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These days, the “so-called” relatives say cock and bull stories and never come for rescue which we see in most of the families.

But this guy helped a total stranger selflessly.

Ms Venugopal, daughter of renowned Carnatic flautist HS Venugopal and singer TV Rama was overwhelmed by his act of kindness.

Expressing her gratitude towards this man, she posted on Facebook and it got shared over 4,700 times and collected over 20,000 reactions.

It’s true that we don’t know how GOD helps and in what form. This is called “Law of karma”. When we do to others, it will come back in some form. Always be good and do good to experience good in your life.

Yes, humanity does exist in this world and these incidents prove us again and again. Similar kind of story on Humanity was of Bechan Miya of Nepal who take care of six months old boy he found at accident zone. 

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