Coimbatore Auto Driver Is Winning Hearts By Doing This Noble Work

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It's said "where there is a will, there is a way", and people like Karuppusamy reaffirm that faith. Karuppusamy is a twenty five year old auto driver in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. And though it's said that selfless acts are rare and hardly any beneficial for the person doing them, this man proves us all wrong. Perhaps the smile on the other's faces is the biggest benefit of our selfless acts. And this man has understood it quite well.

Karuppusamy is winning hearts all across the nation with his services. He gives free ride to pregnant women and schoolchildren. And you think that's all? Not this time around. Despite being from a poor family, the man fought against all odds to complete his education. Moreover, he even went on to complete a post graduate degree in Tamil Language with the help of government scholarship, as reported by the news agency ANI.

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He has great love for the subject which compelled him to pursue further in studies and complete his MPhil degree. But how to fund his education? With the help from family, friends and relatives, he was able to raise some money. With that money he bought an auto-rickshaw which he uses to earn money to fund his dream as well as help people. Though it's difficult for him to earn his daily bread and butter, still there is no lack of generosity and free rides to the needy people.

The ride in Karuppusamy's auto is quite a literary one, with him sharing the rich heritage and details about one of the world's oldest language. This in itself shows how much passionate he is about his learning, but never boasts about it. A lot of inspiration is there to be taken from this man.

So, remember, whenever in Coimbatore, do go in for a ride of a kind in Karppusamy's auto-rickshaw. What you think about the story? And do you or anyone you know do any kind of self service. Do tell us in the comments below.

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