Top 7 Technologies That Are About To Release in 2017

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Flying cars? Star-ship? Or is it something down to Earth? Going sky high, riding on our imagination and desires, needs and requirements, and seeing these thoughts turn to reality in our lifetime. Guess what, there's nothing better. Star-ships might take some time for sure but if you are looking for someone to cook food for you or are bored of buying an iPhone every half a year, then not to worry. We got you covered, or perhaps, the inventors, the scientists and the developers, the geeky guys.

Let's have a look at the 7 best technologies probably arriving in 2017, keep your fingers crossed and see your dreams turn to reality, of course at the expense of the weight of your wallet-

1. Robot Chefs

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To all the single guys out there, cheers! We have got some news for you. If you haven't found your lady love, or your lady cook and ignore the stuff about robots dooming the earth, well "Molly Robotics" is there to help you out with their robot chef releasing in 2017. The company says that the robot hands will be able to cook 2000 different dishes with the push of a button. A charm for everyone who don't know how to cook. Looks like happy days ahead for husbands and boyfriends. But wait, there is a catch. The buy is going to cost you a great deal of money. So better start working.


2. Google's Modular Phone

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Google is set for another milestone, just too many altogether. Project Ara of Google is an attempt to create a modular phone which will allow users to change its slots and parts as soon as the new updated phone model and hardware releases, instead of spending your college fees in buying a new phone. And time as well. It takes almost a day or two to configure a brand new phone. But now, don't have to wait for money to buy an iPhone every six months or for the configuration to get updated or installed. Just wait for the Ara to go live, which according to Google, will be launched in 2017.


3. Instant Charging

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Perhaps you will be reading this article with a low battery. Those notifications of low battery on your phone have already annoyed you much, and now the search for the charger begins. Well, soon all this is going to be a thing of the past as a big company is currently working on it. Guess who? Yeah, that's right, Apple. Though the work on this tech began a few years before itself, when StoneDot unveiled their fast charging battery prototype way back in 2014.


4. Moon Express

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Still deciding on your holiday destination? Quite a frequent traveller, who has travelled around the whole of the world, is that what describes you. Then, your solution might be up, and not down. Commercial flights to moon are just a few years off and the first private company has the permission to land on moon in 2017. The company, known as Moon Express, will launch its lunar landing this year with permission from the US government. So, if you are a traveller freak, start saving your bucks now, because the rise is always going to costly. Guess that was pretty obvious.


5. Fully Waterproof iPhones

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Who would want to leave there phone outside while bathing, maybe an important call might be missed. Or the text message of your girl. And you don't reply fast enough like flash and then you will have an angry girlfriend to handle. So, give your girl all the love she deserves and hope that the iPhone7 full waterproof version releases soon enough. iPhone7 is currently partially waterproof, although the headphone jack stands removed. Probably, the waterproof version of iPhone is expected to release later this year.


6. The E-shower


A waterproof iPhone and an e-shower. And your water list is more than just complete. The shower will recycle the water you use and thus can help in dealing water crisis as well as slashing those nasty water bills. The product is commercially available from this year. The water is caught in a tray, filtered with UV light and then it is poured back on your head. Your grandparents and your wallet will thank you.


7. Viral Touch

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Electro-vibration technology is seen as the new "touch" in the upcoming times, where we can actually touch the stuff and have a feel of it, all in the comfort of our homes. The tech could help amputees and the blind, and might also bring a revolution in the gaming and online shopping industry. It's also slated to launch in 2017 itself.

So, which one is your favourite tech out of these. Take your time, because each one feels to be better than the other. We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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