Amouranth Twicht Star Launched AI ChatBot For Followers That Will Charge $1 Per Minute

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The film ‘Her’ was released over ten years ago. Still, the technology portrayed in it – notably, an artificially intelligent “girlfriend” that you can interact with via your phone — appears to be on the verge of being realized. Kaitlyn Siragusa, known as Amouranth, a high-profile Twitch personality and OnlyF developer, unveiled an Artificial Intelligence companion bot with whom fans may communicate on May 19.


Artificial Intelligence Goes To The Next Level


The chatbot, which claims to be powered by AI business Forever Voices, intends to make it possible for fans to send audio recordings and receive a reply that, owing to artificial intelligence technology, appears like Amouranth is answering through audio notes.

“With AI Amouranth, fans will receive instant voice responses to any burning question they may have,” according to a press statement shared with Dexerto. “Whether it’s a passing curiosity or a deep desire, Amouranth’s AI counterpart will be right there to help.”

Amouranth Twitch Star

Amouranth stated in a press statement acquired by Dexerto, “I thrive on taking [sic] risks and pushing boundaries. But, above all, I prioritize being there for my incredible audience. AI Amouranth is designed to satisfy the needs of every fan, ensuring an unforgettable and all-encompassing experience.”

A video on the website for the AI Amouranth chatbot displays a potential (NSFW) encounter between a man called John and a likeness of her. After a “sweaty” workout, the AI Amouranth discusses getting ready and going on a date with John. It’s pretty normal seductive chatbot fare.


The Announcement


More About The AI Bot

The bot is driven by Forever Voices AI, a firm that provides paying consumers privileged access to the resemblance of influencers — in other words, you can pay to interact with an AI “version” of an influencer. AI Amouranth was announced in a video interview with Bloomberg, which was published through a tweet. Forever Voices’ CEO and creator, John Meyer, gave information about the organization. He explained that he initially utilized the device to reconnect with his late father.


Artificial Intelligence Can Get Dangerous

Amouranth Twitch Streamer

Futurism claimed in January 2022 that Replika (a chatbot app) users were inventing false girlfriends and vocally criticizing them. On the opposite end of the scale, some use generative AI to create deepfake p*rn based on the likenesses of prominent influencerIt’st’s not difficult to imagine how this may be put to use.

What do you think about AI? Is it beneficial or dangerous? Let us know in the comments below. We will be waiting for your response!

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