Amitabh Bachchan Taunt Ranveer For Not Replying To His Wishes, Here Is What Ranveer Replied




Amitabh Bachchan is one of the Bollywood's biggest legends and also the most respected person. Last night, he chided Ranveer Singh for not responding to a birthday text he sent.

Yes…here is the tweet.

This wasn't the first time he's shaded a junior for ignoring him. There are several instances.

1. Amitabh’s anger on Sonam kapoor


2. Shilpa shetty


3. To Preity Zinta…


4. From Akshay Kumar…


5. Seems like youths have been ignoring him!



6. He himself is very generous with his replies, with even fans he's never met getting responses from him.



7. Even when he can't reply to everyone, he makes sure to send out a courtesy tweet to reassure them.


8. Here it goes..



9. It's hard to say why they won't reply to him, though. Maybe it's the fact that Bachchan can't wish anyone without attaching a selfie of himself.


10. Seems no one actually checks SMSes other than to receive OTPs anymore.


One thing we can clearly understand from these tweets is always reply to your elders' messages. It might make their day. After all, they need an assurance that people in and around recognize and greet them. What else we can give to our elders except love and caring?

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