Double Decker Luxury Buses In Delhi, Nitin Gadkari Announced

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To eradicate the problem of pollution, the road transport and highway minister Nitin Gadkari made a decision of indigenous, double Decker luxury buses. However the idea seems definitely better than odd-even scheme.

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Eco Friendly Nature

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The busses are eco friendly as they consume alternate fuel, methanol and electricity which are renewable sources of energy and can be easily made in India. The indigenous buses will have a huge economic role as the new Double Decker buses will be an effort to hinder the fuel consumption and import. The gigantic bill of 7 trillion on fuel import is like an unbearable resistance in economic growth so, the road transport and highway minister Nitin Gadkari made the news public.


Old Is No Gold

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Since, the use of public transport is lowering swiftly, the native Double Decker buses are raising the hopes again. Clearly, the lack of comfort and a poor service quality is the reason public transport is being avoided till the last possibility. Consequently, the use of public vehicle is expeditiously augmenting. Pursuing this further, the need to construct an independent lane on highways every third year. Therefore, the matter was a subject under consideration until Volvo AB showed their interest for the project.


A New Era For Public Transport

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The delightful double Decker buses are examples of new innovation and will deliver extreme yet unfelt pleasure of traveling. Furthermore, the buses will introduce a new era to public transport. First the buses guzzle electricity or methanol and both are renewable sources of energy. Second they bring a new level of comfort. Third the buses are considered to be a low-price deal. All in all, the air conditioned buses will have all kinds of facilities that are available in planes. And, the double Decker would link Delhi to other metropolitan cities, include Lucknow, Mumbai, Jaipur and Ludhiana.

Since, pollution has become an inescapable complication, this decision has brought the hopes to make desperately required transition. We know the struggle against pollution and the depletion of fossil fuels is a protracted expedition. Nevertheless, even the most distant journey starts from a small step and it is no small step it is a stride.

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