Some Amazing Advertisements Helped Change The Market Around


25. Build The Future With Lego.

Lego Advertisement with a lego astronaut

The series of ads involving kids ‘Building’ their future. Attracted a lot of parents. So many so that a lot of them invested a huge amount into Legos!


26. Before You Kick The Bucket

Wathan Funeral Homes Advertisement

Social adverts help save a lot of accidents every year. Drink and Drive? Well, here is something that is causing, even more, lives with advertisements… Text and Drive!


27. The Instinctive Way To Brush Off Hair From Your Screen. (Only If There Was An Actual Hair.)

Zone Kaiwei Ni Factory Advertisement

Instagram has taken this to a whole another level. Snapchat better watches out. Since WhatsApp and Facebook have now got snapchat like ‘stories’. And well, Instagram seems to have beaten all of them with these advertisements.


28. The Irish Promiscuity

The Irish Promiscuity Advertisement

How to attract an average joe to your pub #101 using advertisements? Tease them a bit and see it work. And it did! Irish pubs are known around the globe for their unparalleled beers. Cheers!

These Ads surely are head turners and definitely, you must have come across at least one of this ads while taking a stroll or watching TV, etc. If that made you laugh and wonder then you must definitely check out these hilarious toilet signs.

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