Qualities You Will Find Only In Gujarati People, Some Will Be Surprising


hat excites a lot of people of India is the exquisiteness of Gujaratis in different fields. We hardly have dealt with all-rounders, but that is because we hardly have come across a Gujarati. So are you anxious to explore a Gujarati? I guess you do. So here are the 15 interesting facts you must come to know about a Gujarati.


 1. The Excellent Masterchefs Of India

Gujratis are good at cooking

Every citizen of India is more or less a foodie. And the main objective of an Indian foodie is to visit Gujarat during their holidays or being to a pure Gujarati restaurant. Now there is a special reason behind that. In India, Gujarat is considered as ‘The Great Food Basket of India’. In Gujarat, more or less every house consists of great cooks. You name it, and they will make it. They may be wives, they may be husbands, they may be maids… can be anyone. Cooking is a necessary part of their life, just like breathing. Some of the famous food items of Gujarat are khandvi, thepla, Gujarati samosa, dhokla and what not. Delighted right? Why not be, after all, they are very delicious.


2. Gujaratis – Great At Saying, “Drop The Price”

Gujrati women bargaining in the market

They are always good at bargaining skills. Whenever they are into buying anything, may it be a two rupees hair band, they won’t accept it without bargaining for it.They neither spend much on themselves nor they allow anyone else to spend too. That is why we also find Gujarati materials to be much costlier than that are found in other parts of India. Now don’t get shocked by hearing this or change your mind if you have planned to visit Gujarat recently. Because although they may be costly, they are of the finest material.


3. Always Energetic

Gujarati people are always energetic

Not even a single time we will find them hosing around simply or waste their necessary time. They always engage themselves in any task and they carry them out in a very energetic way. Gujaratis are found to be talented in many fields, say it be singing, dancing, clothing, and many more. We will also find many artisans in Gujarat.


4. Impeccable Talent In Garba


You will be highly astonished to look at the way to produce the dance form Garba. They are found highly engulfed in the majestic essence of Garba by which they bring out their Garba songs and dance anywhere and anytime. Amazing, right You must be. After all, this is one of the most adorable facts about a Gujarati girl.

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