Some Amazing Advertisements Helped Change The Market Around


13. When Your Animation Is Your USP.

Sharpie collage advertisement

The contrast between the two sides of the product is right there for you to witness. Which is probably why these sort of double USP products sell so well when they have a good advert to go with.


14. Fish Stinks, Not Your Glass.

Exito fish pouring advertisement

Fish stinks, But apparently, these glasses are stink resistant. We don’t know much about the product but the ad did attract quite a few eyeballs with its exquisite use of color.


15. Adverts Bringing Your Objects To Life.

Bic World broken teapot advertisement

Though this graphic is easy looking and doesn’t have much to it. It is though, one of the most understandable graphics of all times. Clearly hinting at what the object of the product is.


 16. Lego Stands for Imagination.

Lego Blocks advertisement

This is probably one of the easiest and yet intricate graphics yet. The simplicity of the imagery has swiftly hinted at what could be one of the most intelligently thought of advert.

Vijay Alagar
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