Zwift Multiplayer Cycling Game Which Offers Indoor Cycling Workouts Raises $120 Million

Zwift App Raises $120 Millionvia

The App Zwift, allows cyclists to compete and interact with each other online in a virtual platform. It has raised $120 million to fund an expansion into esports. The app was founded by Eric Min in 2014. The app has amassed 1 million registered users and $166 million capital from various investors.


Zwift – Training Made Fun

To use the platform, users simply need a stationary bike or a treadmill. Using the app, it is hooked up to a smart trainer and sensors which calculate and follow how fast the users are riding or running and in what nature they are travelling.


Zwift App Raises $120 Million

To get the basic kit for the app, it costs around $380 to get started. However, it offers a great indoor workout experience and it is surely worth the cash because it makes workouts more fun and lets you interact with other people virtually. It gives you the nature to compete and improve thereby keeping you fit and entertained.


Zwift App Raises $120 Million

“I wanted to do something different from Fintech and the idea for Zwift was staring right at me, I was a cyclist since I was a kid, painfully so. The worst thing you could do is ride your bike indoors because it was so boring. I used all the products I could but it wasn’t engaging enough, so we thought, what about taking the tech that out there for gaming, combining that with what you do in cycle training, and bring all that to a digital platform? Even if you could get 80 per cent of the experience, that would be better than what was offered in the past.” says the founder Min.


Check Out How Zwift Works Here

The indoor game has caught attention worldwide because of its realistic social components. We surely can appreciate a game which offers importance to health and keeps us active. With a generation moving it a lot of comfort and inactivity, games as such will help us stay fit. What do you think about the app? Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out Shahid Kapoor dedication to fitness in the middle of such a busy schedule here.

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