Fitness Dedication Of Shahid Kapoor In Busy Schedule Will Definitely Give You New Fitness Goals




Shahid Kapoor is one of the fittest actors of Bollywood. Moreover, he is a fitness freak. Hence, he never skips a workout no matter how much busy his schedule is. Undoubtedly, nowadays the actor is having his hands full with the fatherly duties and the work for his upcoming movie “Padmavati”. However, Shahid Kapoor always manages his time to hit the gym.

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How He Manages This In A Busy Schedule

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Apart from it, Shahid Kapoor is an active celebrity on social media, from Instagram to twitter the actor never misses the opportunity to flaunt his ripped and chiseled body. Now the question arise how he manages to be this much active after having his hands full. The answer is simple Shahid Kapoor do his training early in the morning. It is a well disciplined lifestyle that he is living.


6 Days In A Week

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No doubt, the actor always amazes us, whenever he takes his shirt off. Apart from the impression, he also motivates us with his amazing physique. It is a motivation for the guys here that do a 9 to 5 job and fail to manage time for the workout sessions. Shahid hit the gym 6 days in a week and had divided his schedule in 2 parts. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are in the part first, and the second part Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. His training program is focused on cardio as well as strength training.


Healthy Diet To Achieve This

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Admittedly, no workout is beneficial if you are not taking a healthy diet. Being a vegetarian, Shahid has fewer options for choosing the diet plan. So he is relying on the supplement mostly. He eats 5 meals in a day and always manages his time to give proper rest to his body.

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Undoubtedly, the active lifestyle and the fitness commitments of Shahid Kapoor give us fitness goals. Furthermore, he never miss the chance to motivate us. To conclude, let us make a new and disciplined lifestyle as everyone wants this type of physique. Share your thoughts about it in comment sections.


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