8 Indian Laws That You Should Be Aware About To Make Your Life Easy

Indian Laws



Law is the set of rules that keeps our life peaceful. And it keeps so many unwanted problems away. Moreover, law is the need to keep a society under discipline. However, there are so many laws designed for our ease but we are not aware about them. So, today we have brought you 8 such reticent Indian Laws that you should be aware about.


1. Women Cannot Be Arrested After Sunset Or Before Sunrise

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Not many of us are aware about this one. However, the women can be arrested this time if the police have the written document proof why they are arresting her.


2. Only Women Police Can Arrest A Woman Culprit

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You may have seen it lot of times in movies that the vamp characters are arrested only by the female officers. However, did you know it is actually a law?


3. Women Live In Relationship Is Not Illegal

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But this one seems illegal for the society, specially those sycophant and chatterbox aunties.


4. It is Not Illegal to Kiss and Hug in the Public

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You know it now, that the anti Romeo squad is meant for those who tease the girls. However they targeted the couples also, now you must be aware about your rights, so you should not tolerate that.


5. A Single Man Adopting A Girl Child? No! It Is Illegal

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So if you are a single man and you are looking forward to adopt a child. You should need to know the law that you cannot adopt the girl child as mothers supposed to be the best care taker for a girl.


6. Hotels Cannot Turn Down The Rooms For Unmarried Couples

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We face it many times when the hotels deny allotting rooms to unmarried couples.  


7. Women Can File An FIR Any Time Any Police Station

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Due to the increasing crime against women, the law provides her this favor. Hence, women can lodge FIR at any time and in any police station, no matter where the crime happened.


8. Maternity Benefits

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It is the right of the women that they can take maternity leaves of 26 week from their work.


Admittedly there are so many people that are unaware about these Indian laws and they end up suffering the problem. Hence, it is our step to aware all of you about your rights. So know your right and if you want to know about some weird laws across the world, you can check them here.


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