10 Stupid Laws Across The Globe That Will Make You Thank Your Country

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When people go out of control then we can use law, as law is the set of rules that keeps our life peaceful. And it keeps so many unwanted problems away. Moreover, law is the need to keep a society under discipline. However, sometime law is not focused on public needs but on the desire of a few people with higher ranks. So today we have brought you 10 stupid laws in the world that will make you thank your government for not implying stupidity on the name of laws.


10. Florida No Fart Public Zone After PM

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It is illegal to fart in a public place in Florida. It is funny as well as stupid for sure.


9. Happy Wife Policy In Samoa

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In Samoa it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday. If you do not have a sharp memory, then get ready to pay chronic fine.


8. Britain Pub Law

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In Britain It is illegal to get drunk in the pub. This is the height the height of stupidity.


7. You Can’t Sing Loudly After PM In Honolulu

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In Honolulu, Hawaii you have to mute the rockstar inside you if it is after 6 PM. Maybe they thinks every singer is similar to Dhinchak Pooja.


6. In Venice You Cannot Feed Pigeons

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Thank god this is not illegal in Delhi. Otherwise 60% guys will not have a time pass.


5. You Can’t Change Bulbs In Australia

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The cool thing about bulb is that it is too easy to change them and parents think “at least he is not useless”. But in Australia you cannot do this if you do not have electrician license.


4. In Switzerland You Cannot Flush Toilet After 10

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We cannot  do much about it; just feeling sorry for the late night toilet visitors.


3. In England You Cannot Die In Houses Of Parliament

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It is illegal in England to die in the houses of parliament. I wonder what will be the penalty of abolishing this law, maybe death sentence.


2. Being Overweight Is Illegal In Japan

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Yes you have heard it right you cannot be overweighed in Japan.


1. You Can’t Chew Gums In Singapore

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One of the best things about chewing gum is it can help you focus on your work and also helpful in killing time. But you have to keep distance from it if you are in Singapore.

We hope it will be helpful to you if you swing by any of these country you will know what is illegal there. Well these are stupid but legit laws. If you had any other stupid law please share it in comment section.

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