French City Of India, The Best And Budget Friendly Alternative For France Tour

French City



The visit to France is now cheaper technically as we have brought you an alternative the French City of India will give you unforgettable memory of France.

Everyone likes to travel no one wants to sit back at home and watch the same news for 100th time on news channels or to play the game that you have already been mastered. To ease out the stress and to eliminate the boredom one has to come out of the house to travel.


Most Desirable France

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Some of us like the view of the beauty of nature. However some of us like to witness the craft and architectural beauty. Whatever choices we have there is one country that can fulfill the traveling desires of each and every kind of men. The beautiful as well as romantic scenarios of Paris and the architectural traits of Bordeaux fascinate everyone and put France in the top of their wish list.


No More Money Issue

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Admittedly, traveling requires money. To pursuing this further, the costly nature of France is sure to burn a hole in your pocket and France remains in their wish list forever. However, today we have brought you an alternative of France in India.


The French City Of India

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Yes you have heard it right the union territory (Pondicherry) of India. The union territory was a French colonial settlement in India. Now it contains 12000 French people in the French city of India. Apart from the people the natural view and the architectural pleasantness of the city also resembles France. Hence, it is considered as the prime alternative for France for people with low Budget.


French People French Language

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French CityRef

Within this area the signboards are in French language. This is no artificial replica of France; this is the real France with French people and their native language.


Best Alternative For France

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Apart from these you can buy French stuff from any local market. Furthermore the gardens are managed to give you the pleasantness and the peaceful vibes that you get in France.

Every time we open a new page about India, we got struck by mesmerizing surprises. Every time India proved itself to be the most diverse country of the world. What you think about it, write your reviews in comment sections.  


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