11 Pictures That Shows How Single Guys Have More Fun Than The Committed Ones

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All of the single guys are seeking an opportunity to get committed. However, if you are seeking a relationship then you should be aware about the drawbacks of being in relationship. So today we have brought you 11 illustrations that will explain why single guys have more fun.


1. Shopping Is More Fun

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Shopping is back to the fun list as no more multiple shopping bags that make you look like her minion.


2. Your Life Your Choice

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You don’t have to wear what she decides, just go to the market and buy whatever you like.


3. No Flashy Wine Just The Beers For The Gang

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There is nothing better than sipping those beer cans with your gang. Consider yourself lucky if you are single as relationship takes this fun away.


4. Get Rid Of That Sluggish Speed

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You have no speed limit if you are single. No doubt, you cannot creep your car for her.


5. You Can Keep The Beard

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May be your girlfriend like little stubble but that is hard to manage for you, and you do not like to shave chronically, so consider your single status as blessing. You do not have to manage yourself that much.


6. Accept All The Request

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If you are single, you can send or accept the friend request of whoever you want. Seems like a true freedom.


7. Pocket Full

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You have fewer reasons to spend money.


8. Our Favorite Stuff

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You can wear that Thomas engine underwear; there is no one to criticize you.


9. Have All The Fun

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If you are single, then you don’t have to put yourself after her by saying ladies first.


10. Hang Out With That Gang

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You can hang out with your gang and have all the fun that was limited while you were in relationship.


11. Less Time On Call

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You do not have to stay up all the night and chat silly things. Apart from it, you don’t waste that much money and time on call.

Admittedly, relationships are desirable. However these images flashes the reality and all the fun you have as being single. With relationship there comes a different lifestyle. Being in a relationship, you will definitely miss your fun life.


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