11 Reasons Why Your Bihari Friends Are The Best You Can Have

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India is a diverse country when it comes to tradition and geographical features. Admittedly, nature and environment play an important role in our traits. Furthermore, we adopt the aesthetic sense and the ethical values in our environment. Different regions display different cultures and traits, and the impact of the Bihari traits, is somewhat positive. So today we have brought you the 11 reasons why Bihari friends are the best you can have.

1. Never Run Out Of Achar

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Everybody likes to add a little kick to their meal and achar can amplify the taste of any dish. Bihari people are known for their achar. Hence having Bihari friends by your side you can never run out of achar.

2. Bihari Festivals, Excitement Unlimited

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You can enjoy the excitement and the rush if you go to any Bihari festival like “Chhath Pooja” and “teej”.

3. “Karle Jugaad Karle”

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When it comes to jugaads, Bihari people are second to none. Moreover, you can have all of your problems sorted out by his/her jugaads. So if you do not have a Bihari friend, make one now.

4. Solve your Technical Or Curricular Problems

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Apart from the jugaads, they are technical, they know all the techniques to solve out your math problems.

5. Bihari Dishes

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Bihari dishes are famous for their spicy nature; if you are a fan of spicy dishes then you will definitely be pleased by “Litti Chokha”. Apart from it you can enjoy Satttu Bhara, Gujjiyas, peda and many more.

6. They Are Always Polite

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Bihari People always seem polite as their language and accent play the role for it. Even if they are having a heated up argument with you they will say “aap samajh kyun nahi rahe hai”. Perhaps the politest argument you can ever have. Having Bihari friends, is an oppertunity to learn this politeness.

7.  They Never Mind The Jokes

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Unlike the other friends you have, the Bihari friends will never mind your joke.

8. Speaking About Jokes?

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When it is about jokes, they will make you laugh, by all the cerebral and technical jokes they make.

9. Bhojpuri Language

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The company of the Bihari friend will teach you Bhojpuri language and now no problem understanding the Bhojpuri movies.

10. They Motivates You

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If you see the dedication of Bihari people, you will definitely find yourself motivated by them.

11. They Will Never Ditch You

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Among all the traits, it is the best one. They will never ditch you, no matter what the situation is.

Admittedly, Bihari people are the best to hang around, as their enthusiasm channels the optimist inside you. What do you think about Biharis ? Share your thoughts in the comment sections.


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