The Girl Adopted By Sunny Leone Was Rejected By 11 Couples Because Of Skin Color




Racism still exists in India and it is breaking the backbone of those anti racism quotes that we read everywhere. In any part of India, we can see the color discrimination. This time it is about the girl that Sunny Leone adopted a few days ago. According to adaptation agency CARA, 11 couples had turned down the little girl before she found new family.


Happily Adopted The Child

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A few days back, the news of Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber adopting a child was trending worldwide. Sunny Leone showed her happiness and shared her pictures with the toddler on social media. Furthermore, Sunny Leone stated that it was the love at first sight. The appearance of the child did not matter to the actress and her husband. Hence, they filed the legal documents to adopt the child without considering her medical status and the color of the skin.


Props Up For Sunny

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The CEO of CARA Deepak Verma stated; “Without looking at color, background and health status, Sunny Leone happily took the child in adoption. We respect, that they didn't try to bend the rules and stood in the queue like all the other parents,"


An Example Against Racism

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On the contrary, there are these 11 couples who rejected the child just because of the color of her skin. It usually happens; when they go for adoption, they are very prejudiced about the skin color and the medical history of the child. According to sources, 60% of the child adopted by the foreigners are having medical struggle.On the other hand, the actress set an example by her anti racist activity and a raticent message she delievered that we should not see them as a color but as a person an as a life. The life, that needs to be taken care of.    

It can be considered as relevant if it was the 1980s but nowadays the entire world is fighting against the disease of racism, and this case shows that why the struggle seems like a long journey. And also the steps we are taking.


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