The Fittest IPS Officer In India Who Can Make Bollywood Stars Feel Jealous

Fittest IPS Officervia

These days, people are chanting one mantra “Yoga” to stay healthy. Whereas some even go to gym centers to maintain a fit body. Usually, we see fitness and six-pack bodies in Bollywood film industry. For a common man, it is different. But for nation protectors like army personnel and IPS officer, fitness is a must-have requirement.

But in real world especially in the police department, we mostly see grown out and falling belly officers. However, we have an officer who is not only fit but also good looking which is always a cherry on the cake.

Yes, he is Superintendent of Police, Sachin Atulkar.

The 29-year-old IPs officer has been recently appointed in the state of Madhya Pradesh in Ujjain city. Many of the city dwellers have also made him their youth icon.


When asked about his journey to fitness, he said, “Most of the training I do is to keep myself focused and calm. I can’t just brag, I’m the calmest and composed person, however, most of the physical training stuff I do at the gym has offered me amazing experiences”.

Sachin at the age of 22 appeared for the exam just once and cracked it in the first go. His father was in the forest department and his brother is in an army.


When asked what motivates him to take over fitness as a part of his lifestyle, he said, “I’m motivated by the challenges I face every day”. “Every challenge I face brings out the best from within me”.

He believes that having fitness will help him perform better in his profession. Sachin has won many medals and trophies in the field of sports and along with that, he has an active social life too.

He also said that “Sports and games are always a part of my life since childhood”.

Fittest IPS Officer

In spite of having a hectic schedule, he makes sure that he works out regularly.

He said, “To stay fit on the track requires focus and dedication. Besides, one must show a lot of patience and persistence when it comes to long term results”.

Fittest IPS Officer

No doubt, Sachin Atulkar is a true inspiration for all the existing and aspiring government officials who really want to contribute towards nation’s safety.

No Bollywood hero will match with you, sir.

Isn’t it?
What are your views on this? By the way, did you meet him personally? Let us know in the comments. Read about female officers in the Armed force who made the nation proud.

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