These Are Some Of The Most Viral And Popular Videos Of 2018

Some Of Them Went Viral For No Reason

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Social media is keeping the world connected. We get to see interesting videos day after day. It is the beauty of the internet, “one guy shoots a video and the whole world sees it”. Today we have brought you some of the most Popular Videos of 2018.


1. Pakistani News Anchors Fighting In Newsroom

In another video, Pakistani News anchors were seen arguing with each other and the things got ugly in just a score of seconds.


2. The Ex-Wife Of Imran Khan Was Harassed By Imran’s Supporter

Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Reham Khan published a book about her marriage with Imran Khan. She was being interviewed for that before a woman heckled her. However, she maintained her magnanimity.


3. A Cat Demonstrated The Real Catwalk During A Fashion Event

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During a fashion event in Istanbul, a cat crashed on the ramp. It chilled for a while before did the catwalk itself. The incident was hilarious and it got viral.


4. The US President Broke The Royal Protocol During His Meeting With The Queen Of Britain

The US President along with his wife met Britain’s, Queen Elizabeth II. However, the video of the meeting got notorious all over social media as it showed Donald Trump breaking royal protocols.

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