These Are Some Of The Most Viral And Popular Videos Of 2018

Some Of Them Went Viral For No Reason

Popular Videos Of 2018via

5. Donald Trump Got Toilet Paper Stuck In His Boots

The US President Donald Trump got toilet paper stuck in his boot. Someone spotted the toilet paper when he was climbing up the steps of Air Force One.


6. Brack Obama As Santa Claus

The former President of United States, Barack Obama dressed up as Santa clause and paid a visit to children’s national hospital in Washington DC.


7. UP Police Shouted Thain Thain

UP police were chasing criminals. There the situation arrived when they had to shot at the criminals however the revolvers got jammed. Thanks to that as it unveiled the unexpected weapon of UP police. The policemen shouted “thain thain” to scare the criminals away. The incident was caught in camera and it turned out to be one of the most Popular videos of 2018.


8. Bangladeshi Beauty Queen Told About H2O

The question and answers parts are quite interesting in any beauty pageant. During the Miss World beauty pageant, the Bangladeshi contestant was asked, “What does H2O stand for?” Well, she had a different answer. She said H2O is a restaurant in Dhaka.

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