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Gaming is huge in India where youth culture embraces the use of technology for entertainment. The gaming industry has become an integral part of life in India and provides employment for thousands of people.

According to Statista, the market value of the gaming industry in India was approximately 62 billion Indian rupees in 2019. It’s expected to rise to around 250 billion rupees by 2024. Live streaming is playing a major role in this growth as it allows enthusiasts to get the first-hand experience of the very best gameplay.


The Value Of Live Streaming Gameplay

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The biggest value of live streaming is that it allows the viewer to experience the excitement of a game or sport first hand from wherever they are in the world.

For instance, cricket fans can watch the stars of the IPL in action in real-time, without ever having to attend a match if they use live streaming channels like HotStar. Live streaming can also allow players to get an example of the environment inside a casino card room without actually entering a land-based casino.

In the case of gaming, live streaming gives casual enthusiasts the opportunity to watch the experts play live, and learn from them. The ability to live stream has also turned these expert players into online influencers who make large amounts of money from their gaming activity.


Indian Gamers Gain Prominence On YouTube

YouTube Gaming

YouTube is the channel of choice for big-name Indian gaming influencers like Dynamo Gaming and Kronten Gaming. These two influencers have helped to revolutionize the gaming industry in the country with their huge popularity levels.

Dynamo Gaming is the YouTube presence of Mumbai based Aaditya Deepak Sawant. He attracts 5.6 million subscribers and is famous for his PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) Mobile play. Dynamo Gaming uploads play on a regular basis and attracts audiences of as many as 100,000 to his live-streamed gaming. Dynamo also has his own clan, Hydra, which is the most popular in the history of Indian gaming.

Kronten Gaming is another huge star on YouTube. This is the YouTube presence of Chetan Chandgude. He live-streams his play to more than 1.66 million subscribers. Kronten is one of the most popular gamers in the country and, like Dynamo, he has his own clan, GoldL Clan. This is one of the most popular gaming clans in India.


In Summary

YouTube Gaming

There is no doubt that the gaming industry in India has developed immensely over the last few years. Given the intense interest in stars like Dynamo and Kronten, it seems that the growth of the industry is likely to continue well into the future.

Live streaming of gameplay is helping this to happen. It allows fans to immerse themselves in the play of the experts. This takes gaming to a whole new level for casual players. It is also helping the stars of the future to develop.  This means that the future of the gaming industry in India looks extremely healthy.

An important development in the ongoing growth in the online gaming industry in India is the legal situation.

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