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Embroidery has always been akin to high art. With the invention of embroidery machines, she rose to a new level, and most importantly, she accelerated many times. At the same time, the quality of work is always kept at a high level. If you are thinking about purchasing such a machine, read the useful information on this topic.

Modern embroidery equipment, whether it’s a home machine or a professional model, is a multifunctional machine that allows you to work as in the traditional technique of stitching or cross-stitching, as well as to perform volumetric embroidery, and some of them are available patchwork and quilting.


There Are Two Types Of Machine Embroidery:

Embroidery Machine
  • Freeway, where the seamstress manages the process of moving the fabric. Almost any sewing machine is suitable for its execution, but such a method of embroidery will require high professional skills from a seamstress;
Embroidery Machine
  • Computer, where the workflow is monitored by embedded software.


Functionality And Price

All models vary in the number of needles. In Households, One needle is installed, and in professional ones, it can be from 4 to 12. The embroidery process must stop when the thread ends or breaks. This is monitored by sensors breakage of the upper and lower threads. This is a convenient advantage of modern sewing mechanisms. Early models of embroidery machines respond to the damage of only the upper thread.

Another important indicator that you should pay attention to when buying is the maximum size of the embroidery field. Small, as in the sewing and embroidery machine, is designed for embroidery of small sizes, for example, logos.

Most modern embroidery machines are equipped with a vertical shuttle. Its advantage over horizontal modification is its higher speed, increased stitches length, and stitch width. Such shuttles are also more durable, and allow some machine models to have a larger bobbin volume.

In general, management is difficult only at first glance. The automatic program itself will prompt a sequence of operations and will signal an error. The price of budget models from branded manufacturers starts at 35-40 thousand, and the cost of professional models can reach 700 thousand dollars.


Embroidery Is Easy

Embroidery Machine

For home use, it is more practical to purchase models with the function of sewing and embroidery, from such a useful tandem you can get the maximum opportunities for sewing. The transition from sewing to embroidery and vice versa, in modern machines, occurs without additional settings. And a single device is much more compact for an apartment than two, even the most ergonomic models.

If the goal of the seamstress is to learn the secrets of embroidery or there is already a sewing machine in the house, and parting with a reliable model is not part of the buyer’s plans, then it is better to purchase a particular tool. Also, it is usually more compact and cheaper.

For professionals, another model of the famous Japanese manufacturer is intended. Brother PR-670e is a single-head 6-needle machine with a vertical rotating shuttle. Among the convenient advantages, it is impossible not to mention the laser marker marking the place of the needle puncture, and the ability to install completely new embroidery frames for embroidery on shoes. The high-resolution color touch-screen display and the control menu will help you quickly master this model.

Another interesting variant of a single-head 10-needle embroidery machine. Its speed capabilities amaze: up to a thousand stitches per minute. At the same time, the machine itself controls the process so much that there is no need for constant thread replacement. For the model, the most extensive selection of additional hoops is intended: from flat, border for dense materials, to particular for baseball caps and shoes. It is also essential that thanks to the double-sided holders in the most reliable hoop fixation. The machine is a real find for those who specialize in producing small batches of corporate uniforms, supply souvenirs with logos and decorate bedding and table linen.

Another indispensable assistant in matters of small sewing production is the Bernina B 790 semi-professional sewing and these ones. She is appreciated by both simple seamstresses and fashion designers, especially those who have to work with complex types of silk-like fabric. The large-scale working surface to the right of the needle allows unhindered large-scale sewing projects. The sewing machine offers an impressive selection of different operations for any purpose. Among them, more than 500 decorative stitches, 15 types of loops, quilting stitches, cross-shaped stitches and monograms, eight types of the alphabet, as well as symbols of countries and cities.

You can choose a model from several well-known brands, which would meet your creative plans in the Sewing World store. Here, experienced consultants will talk about their advantages, the specifics of working on the selected machine, and also help to make test samples.

Arun Bajaj who is gaining a lot of name and fame for his Machine Sewn Paintings. Arun is called the ‘Needle Man’ of India. He is famous for a lot of his sewing work. He has made paintings of numerous famous people as well.

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