Three Youths From Bihar Created World’s First Visual Browser MagTapp To Compete Chinese Apps Like UC Browser

MagTapp UC Browser

After the India-China Faceoff, people are protesting against Chinese products. People want to boycott Chinese products and Chinese Apps. There has been a report of 52 apps from China that are not secure. In such a situation, a unique web browser/app MagTapp created by three youths from Bihar and is giving hard-hitting competition to Chinese apps and proving much better than Chinese apps like UC browser, U dictionary, WPS office, and others.


What Is MagTapp?

Satyapal Chandra MagTapp Visual Browser

MagTapp is the world’s first web browser with an inbuilt visual dictionary, document reader, and translation features. The unique feature of this app is visual meaning on a Tap. It is an empowerment Application that serves everything in one single tap. By One Tap, you can get the visual meaning, translation, save, and share, and it is solving the problem of accessing the knowledge freely by eliminating the language barrier globally.


MagTapp Founders

MagTapp Browser
MagTapp Founders

Satyapal Chandra, Rohan Singh, and Abhishek Singh founded MagTapp. All are residents of Bihar. The idea of MagTapp was born by the real-life events in Satyapal’s life. Having studied in Hindi-medium institutions all his life, Satyapal had difficulty speaking in English. There was an instance wherein he walked into a fancy restaurant in Delhi and was insulted by the staff for speaking in Hindi. He immediately resolved to act on this incident, which had impacted him deeply. Satyapal gave himself the time of six months to learn the language thoroughly. After that, he quit his day job and started writing his first novel, “Most Eligible Bachelor.” Its success gave him the confidence to write nine other mind-blowing books.

Satyapal narrates that “the reason behind founding the MagTapp is over 90% of the information available on the Internet or in digital documents are still in English. And that most often raises the question, “What about the people who have difficulties reading and understanding the English language? Language barriers are prevalent all around us” Satyapal also a screenwriter and entrepreneur who has had a fair share of experience of entrepreneurship in the past then decided, “It’s high time for a Change.” That’s how the idea was born.

Rohan Singh and Abhishek Singh both are siblings whose father serves the nation as an Indian army officer. They look after the technical, design, and marketing part of MagTapp. Rohan, who is 19 years old, has run a digital media company in the past, and Abhishek, who is now 18 years old, is a Google certified developer. He has looked after the entire tech development. Currently, over 70 employees are working in MagTapp.


What Makes MagTapp Different?

MagTapp provides visual meaning on a tap. Suppose you are browsing any content online or read documents in forms of PDF, PPD, MS word, etc., and stuck at difficult English words. In this app, all you need to do is to just press on that word, and you will instantly get a visual meaning with proper explanation. Visuals always process six times more information than words, and it processes 60,000 faster in our brain.

It is a multipurpose app where you can read any online content or document with the facility of visual meaning. You can translate any content, read segmented news or make notes, or read different documents, notes, books, watch different educational videos, or play games or prepare for any competitive exam. With the help of this app, you can also translate a sentence or entire paragraph or text message or content on Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.


Combination Of Browser, Dictionary, PDF Reader

Satyapal Chandra MagTapp Visual Browser

One of the best features of MagTapp is its size. If you look at the combined size of UC Browser, U dictionary, and WPS reader, it is over 150 MB. While it is available only in 34 MB and works smoothly on those phones as well, which has as low as 512 MB memory.

Satyapal Chandra MagTapp Visual Browser

MagTapp was launched in December 2019. Currently, it is having over 10 lakh users, empowering their life by making everything easy. It has over 4.5 ratings among 20,000 plus positive reviews. It is currently available in 12 Indian and 29 international languages.

MagTapp is entirely ‘Made in India,’ as well it is the first experiment in the world of its kind, says founder Satyapal Chandra. It is also recognized by #StarupIndia. In MagTapp’s online book library currently, there are over 10,000 education books, notes, and questions paper available free for anyone. In the coming days, it is going to introduce many amazing features and improve its existing features as well. It has an ambitious plan to make its services available for iPhone and desktop by the end of this year. By the end of this year, MagTapp is also planning to open its services in over 100 languages.

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