An Inspirational Story Of Satyapal Chandra – From Authoring 10 Novels To Founding World’s First Visual Browser

Satyapal Chandra MagTapp

Becoming the head of any company is noteworthy, but becoming the CEO of one of the most highly competitive businesses in the world gets you into the history books. That’s exactly what Satyapal Chandra did when he founded MagTapp without having any experience in the tech industry. From humble beginnings as a middle-class student to creating a world-class internet browser, Chandra’s road to success has been full of twists and turns.

Satyapal Chandra MagTapp Visual Browser

Coming from a small village named Malhari, Gaya district, Bihar, Satyapal Chandra is well acquainted with poverty, helplessness, and violence. Growing up in a typical middle-class Indian family, Chandra was both a leader and a standout student from a young age. His excellence in academics as a bright student very early in his childhood gave him the confidence to pursue further studies by moving out of his hometown.

Having studied in Hindi-medium institutions all his life, Satyapal had difficulty speaking in English. There was an instance wherein he walked into a fancy restaurant in Delhi and was insulted by the staff for speaking in Hindi. He immediately resolved to act on this incident which had impacted him deeply. He gave himself the time of six months to learn the language completely. After that, he quit his day job and started writing his first novel “Most Eligible Bachelor”. Its success gave him the confidence to write nine other mind-blowing novels.


Birth Of Magtapp

Satyapal Chandra MagTapp Visual Browser

Aren’t you curious about how MagTapp was born? Once on a road trip to Kolkata, Satyapal met Meera – a young girl from Rasalpur (a remote village in Bihar). That young girl, Serving tea in intolerable sunlight and trying to help her family, grabbed Chandra’s attention immediately reminding him of his childhood.

Anxious and frustrated Meera was browsing and researching for her school assignment, ‘Different Migratory Birds visiting Bihar’ was the topic and she couldn’t find anything good. According to Chandra and most, other people believe that anything is possible on the Internet”. But it wasn’t the same for Meera who represents 70% of the Indian population. Why? How? Doesn’t this question strike in your mind too? The reason behind this is 90% of the information available on the Internet is still in English. And that most often raises the question “What about the people who have difficulties reading and understanding the English language?”. Chandra then decided “It’s high time for a Change”. And that’s how the idea of Magtapp was born.


About MagTapp

Satyapal Chandra MagTapp Visual Browser

When 90% of the content is available in English, even if people have the curiosity to gain knowledge more often than not they have difficulties to understand the English language. And this problem is very much omnipresent in a country like India, where there is a huge influence of various local languages and dialects from the beginning. And I’m sure you must have got that feeling in your lifespan so far too.  Well, here a solution for you.

MagTapp:  World’s First Visual Browser is an Empowerment Application that serves everything in one single tap. By One Tap you can get the meaning, save, share and discover the web in a manner like never before.

One Tap Meanings:  Stuck on words? Are dictionary definitions are too complicated? All you have to do is, Tap on any word and you will get a visual meaning of it with the simplest sentences for better understanding.

Satyapal Chandra MagTapp Visual Browser

MagDocs:  Multiple apps for multiple files? That’s not fair right? Well, MagDoc, a universal document reader built-in lets you open any document anytime, anywhere without any hassle with add on features like One Tap meanings, Text to Speech and the power to edit those documents.

Browser:  Fast and fully functional browser with amazing features like Text to Speech, Music Mode, One Tap Notes (MagNotes), Saves (MagSaves), One Tap Shares, Background Play and much more.

Providing you every essential tool at the Power of a Single Tap. Plus a news feed personalized just for you, according to your taste and preferences.


Other Unique Features:

Satyapal Chandra MagTapp Visual Browser

MagBot: Get instant meanings of any words just by typing or speaking it.

MagNotes: An Easy to use, multiLingual Notepad.

MagSaves: Save Meanings, Webpages and make it available for offline reading. Amazingly it’s an all in one solution.



I personally found MagTapp a revolutionary innovation. This is not only a productivity application, in my Frank opinion its an empowerment tool as well which can serve millions of users to make there day to day life easier.

 And as MagTapp’s Tagline says “#BecauseIAmAGenius”, It really boosts your confidence to explore more on the internet. It eliminates the language barrier and serves as an equalizing tool for everyone.

I’m so impressed with the technology and will wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone around the globe. So what are you waiting for? Download MagTapp now.

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