World’s First Floating Underwater Tunnels By Norway

Underwater TunnelsUnderwater Tunnels


Underwater Tunnels!!

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Norway has come up with the idea of building underway traffic tunnel.

In the form of submerged floating channels, just 21 hour drive is enough to travel from one end of the country across the nation to other

Norway proposed tunnel consists of 4000 foot long concrete tubes that can hold two lanes of traffic. To add more stability, pontoons are bolted with bedrock.




What Made Norway To Come Up With This


Well, Norway has already 1150 traffic tunnels in use across the country in which 35 are already underwater. So, this is not new to them.

They say, "A bridge that floats above the water won’t be practically possible. Rough weather may do heavy damage to the bridge. Tunnels should be designed in such a way that it should withstand the tidal movements and cold weather effects".




A senior engineer, Arianna Minoretti said to Norwegian public roads administration that “Having this connection means that people there do not have to wait for a helicopter to go to hospital”

Norway is going to spend $25 billion to this project, which they expect it to be completed by 2035.



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