10 Smallest Countries In The World And You Never Knew #6 Actually Exists

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Have you ever checked how many countries are there in this world? And there are many places you probably would have never heard. Even though there are more than 200 countries in the world, only few of them are popular. Here are the top 10 tiniest countries in the world with a very less population you probably would have never heard.


10. The Republic of Palau(Area: 465.6 sq. km. Population: 21, 726 people)

Tiniest Countries

Palau is one of the most amazing places on Earth consists of more than 300 islands of different sizes. It’s an island country where its rain forests are full of unique plants and birds. You will find 130 threatened species of shark and over 2 million jellyfish in country’s lake. However, those jellyfish completely lost their ability to sting.


9. Niue, Small Island in Oceania(Area: 261.5 sq. km. Population: 1,614 people)

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Even though this tiny island state has truly amazing views, tourism is not popular here. You don’t believe that the capital city is just a small village with a population of fewer than 600 people. The island has one and only supermarket and has its own airport. The country depends greatly on foreign aid especially from New Zealand.


8. Saint Kitts and Nevis. Two-island country(Area: 261 sq. km. Population: 56,780 people)

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One of the main sources of income is the economic citizenship program. To obtain the status of a citizenship, you need to invest at least $250,000 in the local sugar industry. Another way of obtaining citizenship is to purchase a property worth no less than $400,000 on either of the two islands. There is also a smaller island named Booby Island. However, no one lives on Booby Island.


7. The Principality of Hutt River(Area: 75 sq. km. Population: 30 full time residents.)

Tiniest Countries3

Even though the country is not recognized by any state, it still has its own currency, stamps, and passports. It’s a micro nation located in the province of the same name in Australia.


6. Tuvalu(Area: 26 sq. km. Population: 9,980 people.)

Tiniest Countries5

Tuvalu, the least visited country is one of the smallest and poorest countries in the world. Tuvalu is a picture-perfect collection of nine islands. The economic situation of the tiny state could be even more disastrous if Tuvalu hadn’t been given the “.tv” Internet Top Level Domain, which annually brings millions of dollars to the country’s budget.


5. Nauru(Area: 21 sq. km. Population: 10,301 people)

Tiniest Countries6

The smallest island country has neither an official capital nor public transportation system. The place is very unpopular among tourists due to its environmental problems. The obesity rate in the country is more than 70%.


4. Principality of Seborga(Area: 14 sq. km. Population: 320 people)

Smallest Countries

The unrecognised micro nation has an army that consists of 3 people: the Minister of Defence and two border guards. Seborga is a community of beer enthusiasts who are dedicated to the craft of making beer and giving back to the community.


3. The Republic of Molossia(Area: 0.00518 sq. km. Population: 29 (of which 6 are dogs))

Tiniest Countries8

The self-proclaimed Republic of Molossia has its own national anthem, national emblem, and national flag. They even have the death penalty for particularly serious crimes. It issues its own passports and even has a space program. Spyglass Hill is the Molossian Naval Academy and runs internet-based courses focusing on the history, principles, tactics and strategy of naval conflicts. They have post office, bank and space program.


2. Sovereign Military Order of Malta(Area: 0.012 sq. km. Population: 113, 500 people)

Tiniest Countries9

This tiny state is on the territory of Rome which occupies three buildings, two of which are located in Rome and the third one on the island of Malta. The country has its own currency, stamps, website, car numbers, and passports.


1. The Principality of Sealand(Area: 0.004 sq. km. Population: 27 people)

Tiniest Countries10

The world’s smallest self-proclaimed nation is a sea platform located 6 miles away from the coast of Great Britain. Anyone can become a count, baron, or even a duke. They can even buy a noble title for a few hundred British pounds.

Have you been to any of these places? Do you know any other tiniest countries that to be listed here? Share us in the comments. Want to know the safest countries in the world, you can check here.

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